Well, hi. My name's Emily Abbate.

Photos by Demi Ward


You can learn a whole lot about me in the first episode of Hurdle, but here are some baseball card stats: I'm New Yorker, writer and editor, fitness fanatic (personal trainer, run coach, Spin coach). Red over white. Drink my coffee black. My work (the written kind) can be found everywhere from the pages of Glamour to online at Esquire. I live on the upper east side in a fourth floor walk-up, rise with the sun daily—starting most every day with a workout, and own 50+ pairs of sneakers.

Why Hurdle, why now? Well, I live my life by two personal mantras: All it takes is all you've got and do good. For me, my passion project Hurdle feels like a combination of both. The podcast, something I've been concepting for over a year now, brings together good people to talk about becoming even better people. When I was losing weight (again, peep episode one), I didn't know who or where to look to for advice. The reality: when you look around, everyone has a story to tell. There are lessons everywhere. Hopefully, the lessons Hurdle's guests have learned can help us all to live healthier, happier, more motivated lives.