Episode 14: Deena Kastor, Marathoner & american record holder

When champion marathoner and New York Times best-selling author Deena Kastor arrived in China for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, she was ready to crush the competition. But 3 miles into her race, the pro felt something snap in her right foot, causing her to fall to the ground and drop out. In episode 14, I travel to London to catch up with the American female record holder for the marathon and half-marathon. She tells me why she’s thankful for that devastating injury, the mental tricks that contribute to her outstanding 5:20/mile marathon pace, and essential advice to beginner runners—or anyone hoping to make a big comeback of their own.


Think of disappointment as a desire to be better. It's a feeling that comes with being totally invested in something and wanting more. Ask yourself: How do I get more out of myself the next time? That's how you evolve a growth mindset.