Episode 15: David Siik, Creator Precision Running at Equinox

Some people hate spending time on the treadmill. And at one point, David Siik was one of them. But when the former college track athlete didn’t make the cut as a professional runner, he turned his passion into his career in an unexpected way by giving the hamster wheel a second thought. Soon enough, the Michigan native was pitching fitness giant Equinox a treadmill-based running program. And today? There are more than 200+ certified instructors for an interval class that Siik created called Precision Running. In episode 15, he talks about the #hurdlemoment that changed his life forever and offers essential advice for beginner and veteran runners alike.


David Siik

"You can do a lot of things good in your life, but if you try to do too many things good—you’ll never do one thing great."