Episode 16: Amy Purdy, Snowboarder & Paralympic Medalist

“You can be anything you want to be, whenever you want to be it,” Paralympic medalist and snowboard champ Amy Purdy told me last month in Colorado. A strong message coming from the double-leg amputee, who was given a 2 percent chance of living by doctors after contracting bacterial meningitis in 1999. Although the incident did cost her her legs, it certainly didn’t make her lose sight of her potential. In episode 16, we chat about the horror that surrounded that near death experience at age 19 and how its shaped her perspective for the better. Plus, she spills what it was like competing on Dancing With the Stars, how it felt standing on the Paralympic podium, and the remarkable advice she’d offer to anyone going through tough times of their own.



"It could've been so much worse. By the time I lost my feet, honestly I thought 'oh my god, I only lost my feet. That was a close one.' So it's all about perspective, right?"