Episode 20: Hayden Slater, Founder Pressed Juicery

Before Hayden Slater started cult-favorite Pressed Juicery in the back of a small cupcake shop in West Los Angeles, he was a recent NYU graduate eating fast food all the time and felt totally drained by his 9 to 5. Cue a #hurdlemoment-worthy trip to Southeast Asia, complete with a 30-day juice cleanse, that ignited his passion for health and wellness, helped him lose 60 pounds, and inspired him to launch the juice company with two of his good friends. In episode 20, we chat about how Slater finds balance despite his hectic schedule, the time the health department shut down the business, and the craziest health trends out there (spoiler alert: leeches are involved).

Hayden Slater

"Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut, take the first step, and trust the unknown."