Episode 27: Kirsty Godso, Nike Master Trainer

Listening to Kirsty Godso talk will ignite something awesome in you. Appropriate, since the Nike Master Trainer calls herself (and others who are willing to work hard to elevate the energy of everyone around them) a “pyro girl.” In episode 27 we talk about the #hurdlemoments she’s faced building her personal brand, including having to leave behind a major fitness project she created with Les Mills to put her faith in the swoosh. Also, how an injury brought her to tears inside an acupuncturists office, a red flag telling her she needed to temporarily turn down the intensity of her workouts and chill out. Godso offers beautiful insight on the importance of supporting others, a snapshot of her training style, and we laugh about how she’s going to hold ME accountable to my 2019 affirmations. 


Kirsty Godso

You want to be a star in a constellation of stars. You don’t want to be a star in your own.