Episode 28: Robin Arzon, Peloton's VP of Fitness Programming & Head Instructor

Take a quick peak at Robin Arzon’s Instagram, @robinnyc. It will be hard to imagine a time when activity wasn’t a part of her everyday life. After a near-death experience at age 20 when Arzon was held hostage at gunpoint in New York City’s East Village, she leaned into movement and running for the first time to help her process the trauma. Soon enough, the then-lawyer turned away from her conventional 9-to-5 with hopes to turn her passion for sweat into her career. That’s when she found Peloton. Today, she’s the brand’s Vice President of Fitness Programing and Head Instructor, also author of the 2016 book Shut Up and Run, and a 26-time marathoner. In episode 28, she gets honest about how tough times have shaped her perspective and helped her home in on her inner swagger, and she offers essential, actionable advice for runners of all levels on taking their stride to a whole new level.



“It’s not OK to feel just OK. People aren’t told that enough.”