Episode 31: Jessy Dover, Co-Founder & Creative Director Dagne Dover

Break-ups suck. Arguably, break-ups suck even more when you’re an entrepreneur working tirelessly to launch your own business. Jessy Dover was grinding long days with her two Dagne Dover co-founders, when she returned one night from a trip to the apartment she shared with her then-boyfriend of more than 3 years to see her stuff packed up in the corner and him asking her to leave. It was a #hurdlemoment that rocked her world. Immediately, she moved in with her best friend and leaned into working out, teary-eyed rides at SoulCycle, and eating better to slowly get through the emotional fog. Today, her functional bag company is thriving at just over 5 years old, largely in part because of her indomitable will to push forward when the going gets tough. In episode 31, we swap stories about relationships past, Jessy admits to a time when she was working out too much, and she offers great, actionable advice to anyone hoping to build a brand from scratch.


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“The key to all things is balance.”