Episode 32: Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director of Performance Nike

Ryan Flaherty’s got, from my point of view, one of the most awesome jobs in the world. The Senior Director of Performance at Nike spends his days doing everything from crafting content for the Nike Training Club app, editing scripts for Nike’s podcast Trained, programming workouts for big-name athletes including Serena Williams, sitting on the Nike Performance Council, and so much more. It’s crazy that a much younger Ryan never envisioned this for himself. Growing up as an athlete, he had the opportunity to play football professionally when his third ACL injury sidelined him for good. What he learned through the rehab process was that he could’ve prevented what happened if he trained smarter. At that point, a #hurdlemoment for sure, he felt a calling to help other athletes avoid injuries like his. In episode 32, Ryan’s shares essential tips for building a better body, improving speed, and finding career success. We also dive into the importance of saying no and having grit.


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Ryan Flaherty

“The present is always the best teacher.”