Episode 33: Mark 'The Cobra Snake' Hunter, Photographer

In his early 20s, Mark Hunter was known as a thriving photographer nicknamed “The Cobra Snake”. He was a fixture in the New York and L.A. party scenes, traveling all over the country and world to snap everyone from Kings of Leon to Lindsay Lohan. Known for his wacky outfits and great aesthetic, his #hurdlemoment coincided with the rise of Instagram. With social media—as he puts it—everyone’s a photographer in their own right. Mark knew he needed to pivot if he wanted to stay relevant and continue to build his brand. He stopped going to so many parties, began advertising free group hikes on a new Instagram account (@cobrafitnessclub), and now he’s making friends and having fun taking photos with a side of sweat. In episode 33, he shares how hiking Runyon Canyon has changed his life forever, his super approachable, all-inclusive view on fitness, and what it’s like to be good friends with Steve Aoki.



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“Don’t stop ‘til the top.”