Episode 35: Ali Feller, Host Ali on the Run Show

Ever since she was a young girl, Ali Feller had her heart set on working in the publishing industry. Not just any job in publishing, though: Editor-in-chief of a teen dance magazine, perfect for someone who grew up on stage. By 25 (!!) she landed it. Right off the bat, she was working crazy hours, in endless meetings, on set at photoshoot after photoshoot living that New York City grind life that I know oh so well myself. Around that same time, she fell in love with running, tackling her first marathon. But soon, the stress became too much. Battling Crohn’s disease, Ali realized in her #hurdlemoment that she needed to step away from her dream job to get better and rediscover her purpose. In episode 35, we talk all about the transition that lead her to creating the Ali on the Run Show podcast, how Crohn’s has impacted her life, what it’s like to be a new mom to her beautiful babygirl Annie, and commiserate over the self-inflicted pressures (and benefits!) of being your own boss.


“Dream crazier.”


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