Episode 36: Ethan Agarwal, Founder & CEO Aaptiv

In 2013, the now-CEO was working as a consultant — tired, traveling constantly, and 40 pounds overweight. Fitness wasn’t a priority for him because—in his words—it was hard to make it a priority. The catch: he wanted to be healthier. In his #hurdlemoment, Ethan dropped 40 pounds by building the first version of Aaptiv, which brings top-level digital-only, audio-based training sessions with personal trainers right to your headphones. In episode 36, the founder tells me hilarious stories about the early days of Aaptiv, posing as a surveyor at the gym asking strangers for feedback. He offers essential advice for anyone trying to adopt a new fitness routine and gives the lowdown on his 6 a.m. habit that makes him more productive throughout his entire day.


“By solving my own challenge, I discovered something that would help other people.”




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