Episode 39: Carolyn Kylstra, Editor-In-Chief SELF

To say that Carolyn Kylstra has had an impressive career path as a journalist would be a total understatement. From stints at Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan to Women’s Health and BuzzFeed, now she’s the editor-in-chief of SELF at Condé Nast. But her rise to the top wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. In her #hurdlemoment, the new mom shares that she found out she was pregnant around the same time her entire career was about to shift, and how she managed to keep it together despite abundant—sometimes overwhelming—amounts of responsibility (plus, morning sickness). In episode 39, we talk about everything from the scary climate of the publishing industry to how she manages to take time for herself. She also tells me an insane story about how she almost died from a tick bite and offers up a ton of insight about what it means to be “healthy,” no matter what size you are.



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“Fitness should be for everyone.”