Episode 41: Marcus Antebi, Founder Juice Press

At age 15, Juice Press founder Marcus Antebi entered a 3-month drug rehab program, and he’s been sober ever since. In episode 41, the Brooklyn native tells me about how he leaned into athletic interests like skydiving and Muay Thai in his young adulthood and became really focused on the quality of the foods he was putting into his body. In 2010, the vegetarian opened up the first Juice Press in the East Village—arguably the world’s largest organic, plant-based grab-and-go health food provider. Today, Marcus and Juice Press CEO Michael Karsch have 89 locations in seven different states. We chat about how scary it was expanding beyond that first shop, the one thing you need to cut out from your diet today, and how they decide what stays and goes on the 120+ item menu.



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“Eating is a sacrament to your life.”