Episode 47: Jeff Provenzano, Skydiver

Jeff Provenzano studied at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, but the last thing he wanted to do after college was get a job in graphic design. After taking a break from the books and tackling his first tandem jump with friends, he was absolutely hooked. In episode 47, we talk about the #hurdlemoment he faced post-grad, diving head first into his passions (pun intended), relocating to Arizona and buying a trailer to work at the no. 1 skydive school in the country. More than 20,000 jumps later, he’s one of the pioneers of the high-speed, high-stakes skydiving discipline of swooping and just can’t get enough. We chat about how he hooked up with Red Bull Air Force, what it’s like to train government agents, and the insane jump he did landing on a barge in the Hudson River.

IMG_4771 2.jpg

“Anything is possible. You don’t need to get in any line.”


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