Episode 48: Bec Donlan of Sweat With Bec, Personal Trainer

If you want to build your booty, Bec Donlan is your girl. After relocating to the U.S. from Australia six years ago, the personal trainer built a name for herself as the designer of derrieres with a splash of fun (she sells her own loop resistance bands at her website). In 2017, the self-proclaimed “cakemaker” was teaching up to five group fitness classes and 45 personal training clients a week when she hit a #hurdlemoment that sidelined her: back-to-back injuries including a broken foot and a bulging disc in her back—plus a little finger-slicing knife accident. That’s when she leaned into CBD for pain management. In episode 48, the entrepreneur talks about building her edibles brand Go Basic from the ground up, she spills what’s really inside their highly Instagrammable chocolates, and gets real about the struggle behind being on the injured list.


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