Episode 49: Daina Trout, CEO & Co-Founder Health-Ade

Seven years ago, Daina Trout, her husband, and her best friend launched Health-Ade with $600 in their pocket. Today, more than 120,000 bottles of the brand’s 14 flavors (with five more to launch this year) are brewed every single day and shipped to 20,000+ stores around the country. In episode 49, Trout tells me about the difficulties they experienced building the business from the ground up and the 2014 #hurdlemoment where she nearly died in a refrigerated truck accident—an experience that taught her the true value of self love and compassion. She also educates me on SCOBYs, gives me the lowdown on her “bucket theory,” and explains how teaming up with a personal trainer forever changed her life for the better.


“Every darkest moment is your greatest lesson.”


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