Episode 50: Joe Holder, Nike Master Trainer & Performance Consultant

Listening to Joe Holder talk is fascinating. Not necessarily because of the vocabulary that he uses—which is admittedly impressive—but because he’s so darn knowledgeable about his craft. A health and wellness consultant based in New York City who regularly works with major brands like Nike, Whoop, and Smart Water, the New Jersey-born trainer is constantly studying to better his performance—both in and out of the gym. In episode 50 (!!), the former college football player tells me about how breaking his leg during his senior year at the University of Pennsylvania became the trying #hurdlemoment that shaped his personal health philosophy called the Ocho System. He also discusses the pressure he feels working regularly with A-listers, the way emotions impact our food choices, and why 2019 is the year of “strategic laziness.”

Joe Holder

“If you try to be everything you’re really just nothing.”


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