Episode 51: Kathrine Switzer, Running Icon

Happy Marathon Monday! If you’ve never heard of running legend Kathrine Switzer, then you’re in for a treat. Not only because she has a stellar 2:51:37 marathon PR (for comparison, I ran my first HALF marathon in 2:43:33). In 1967, the Syracuse University student became the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon as a registered entrant. In her #hurdlemoment—now a photo seen around the world—race officials tried to tackle her to get her to drop out, not wanting a woman in their race. When she crossed the finish line that day, she made history.
In episode 51, we talk about the chaos of the 1967 Boston Marathon and how she even got a bib to begin with, how she felt when women were finally admitted into the race in 1972, and what it was like to run the same course 50 years later in 2017. Plus: SO. MUCH. INSPO. Trust me, this is one you don’t want to miss.


“I didn’t go to Boston to prove anything, but that’s what happened.”


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